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eFOLDi is the world’s most compact, lightweight, and versatile personal electric mobility scooter. It is so uniquely engineered that it can be neatly folded into a suitcase shape for easy transport and storage as well as into a chair to rest on. eFOLDi makes getting around easy and fun!

Lightweight Pro Li-ion battery, Super-Power brushless motor, Auto-Forged 6061 aluminium components, all are of supreme quality. We have introduced efficiencies and passed the savings on to you - we have tried our very best to design and produce a quality scooter at an attractive price.

eFOLDi puts the fun back into getting around. Reestablish your independence. We want eFOLDi to be practical and enjoyable.

Almost certainly for those who just need a little help with greater distances or indeed just want a fun and modern urban transporter. However - if you are not able to walk or control your legs, eFOLDi might not be your best option. In that case, please investigate our power wheelchair, which might suit you better.

Very. Your eFOLDi will arrive pre-tuned and ready to use, but it’s a wise move to precede your first venture with a good look at our eFOLDi user manual, which contains useful and important operation and maintenance information. If you have an aversion to written instructions, at least watch the eFOLDi demo video. It’s easy!

eFOLDi has been tested carrying 120kg, and it functioned admirably. Technically, however, it’s designed for a maximum weight of 150kg.

eFOLDi weighs only 17kg with the battery removed., much lighter than the holiday suitcases that people are accustomed to putting into their car boot. Even if you don’t remove the battery, eFOLDi weighs less than 19kg. And when folded, eFOLDi is a neat and tidy suitcase shape, so should fit into the boot with ease - or even in front of the rear seats.

eFOLDi has a speed-limiter (a legal requirement) that holds it to 6km per hour on pavements and 12km per hour on roads.

We’ve thoroughly tested eFOLDi with a robust load of 150kg, and it easily handles a 1:10 slope (a slope that rises one vertical foot as it travels ten horizontal feet). The high-quality motor and powerful battery make sure that even steep hills like this are a breeze on an eFOLDi.

Well, it depends on exactly how off the road is. Thanks to its 12-inch-diameter front wheel and 10-inch-diameter rear wheels, eFOLDi boasts impressive stability and a ground clearance of 12cm, so it can navigate some pretty rugged terrain and is perfectly happy on grass, unmade roads and rough paths in parks etc.

Yes. eFOLDi is equipped with mud guards and is designed to be water-resistant. The battery box is sealed water-tight, so it is safe to use in the rain.

The standared battery will last you up to 22km on a full charge. Quite remarkable for such a lightweight, versatile machine! A fantastic range for when you’re travelling!

Yes, as check-in luggage. If you are disabled or physically challenged and drive eFOLDi as a mobility vehicle, you are allowed to bring the FarReach battery (24V, 12Ah) on board. Please note that no battery may be left in checked-in luggage. It must be carried through the security check and into the cabin.

More details can be found on IATA and airline websites:
To use eFOLDi as mobility scooter, see clause 1.4 on page 4:
Please always check with the airlines you are flying with, as they do have their own handling procedures.

The new eFOLDi has a key switch to turn it on and off and a key to secure the battery pack so it is pretty secure. Obviously if you fold up your eFOLDi and wheel it with you, it’s even more secure!

Our mission is to make things better.
We provide a full 12-month no-quibble warranty for all design and manufacture defects except affecting consumables like tyres and LED bulbs. That pretty much covers it. Honestly, we just aren’t that busy in the returns department!

No problem. Just phone us and we’ll get whatever you need on its way to you in the post.

Yes. If you live in Melbourne or Victoria we will come to let you have a test drive and get acquainted with your eFOLDi

Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.